WC community safety MEC fears kidnappings could negatively affect the economy

CAPE TOWN – Western Cape community safety MEC Reagen Allen fears the ongoing spate of kidnappings in Cape Town could negatively impact the province’s economy.

In the latest incident this week, a woman was ambushed and snatched from her car outside business premises along Ipswich road in Blackheath.

It’s being reported that the 35-year-old victim is a Ukranian national and the wife of a business owner in that area.

During a briefing earlier this month – the police ministry said at the time detectives were investigating 32 kidnapping cases in Cape Town with at least 15 arrests made so far.

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Allen said he plans to meet with the province’s police commissioner within the next few days to discuss the ongoing spate of kidnappings plaguing the province.

He said he’s deeply concerned by this trend – and has stressed it must be addressed immediately: “This could also have major impact on tourists visiting our shores or businesses investing in our province which in turn negatively affects our economy and by extension job creation.”

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Thursday’s incident is the latest in a string of kidnappings in the Western Cape mostly targeting foreign nationals and or businesspeople.

In a video widely shared on social media – the victim’s yellow Audi R8 can be seen being boxed in between a white Toyota Avanza and a white Ford.

The woman is then pulled from her vehicle and forced into the Ford by a number of occupants of both cars, leaving her car abandoned in the street.