SASSA: Where to find important grant forms

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is an important governmental agency. They’re the agency issuing social grants, including the Disability Grant, the Elderly (Older Persons) Grant, and the SRD Grant.

Applying for social grants can involve filling in forms and paperwork.

Where do you find them?

Some of the most important paperwork is also available online. This way it’s easier to access, fill in, and take to a regional branch.

Online forms can save you important time.


Contact the social grant agency: their details are listed at the bottom of the page.

Here’s where to find some of the most important social grant forms.

SASSA: Important grant forms

Rejected social grants mean that you should lodge an appeal within thirty days. Sometimes rejections are done by mistake or due to system errors. Appeals must be in writing – and the right forms have to accompany the application.

Where do you find SASSA appeal forms?

You can download them at the link below.

Download in PDF

SASSA: More important grant forms

That’s not the only social grant form you might need.

If you want to receive grant payments into your bank account, you’ll also need a Consent Form for Bank Payment (Download in PDF).

Disability Grants require a Medical Assessment Referral Form (Download in PDF).

SASSA: SRD Grant Check

The SRD Grant is for unemployed persons.

There’s a useful online link to check if your grant has been approved. You can also still apply online for the SRD Grant.

Recipients can use this link to check.

Make sure to use only official links for applying. Government links will always end in the prefix: ‘’ or ’.gov’.

Questions about your social grant or need to apply for one?

Contact the SASSA helpline at this number: +27 80 060 1011.

You can also reach the grant agency by sending an email to: [email protected].

Find your Regional Office

Find your nearest Regional Office for questions and grant applications.

A regional office means the one that’s closest to your registered address. Every province or region has several offices.

It’s meant to make applications and grant collection easier.

This page lists SASSA regional offices.

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