Phaahla: Solar at hospitals depend on feasibility studies, budget availability

CAPE TOWN – Health officials said that installing solar power systems at major hospitals would be based on feasibility studies and budget availability.

This technology will be used to power theatres, intensive care units, and high-tech and advanced equipment.

Minister Joe Phaahla has emphasised that load shedding poses a huge risk to health workers’ ability to carry out their duties.

“Digital X-ray, CT scans, MR scanners, information technology systems… all these things rely on uninterrupted power supply”.

Phaahla said they’re aiming to get all healthcare facilities, particularly those operating on a 24-hour basis, exempted from load shedding.

“Installation of this uninterrupted power supply will improve reliability and of electricity supply and plus our entire system of supply health facilities so that we can be able to sustain services but also protect our information. All sorts of data are important,” the minister said.

The department says some hospitals do have generators but these do not adequately meet the increasing demand during load shedding.