Mushroom and chickpea mini-burgers with flavoured crème fraiche

Weekends are there to spend more time with friends and whether they’re over for the big game or just having a day out, you need snacks. Like so many snacks, small burgers always go well at parties and these mushroom and chickpea mini-burgers will satisfy everybody, even those moving towards vegetarian diets. If you’re slowly moving yourself towards eating less meat, these burgers will also be a perfect gateway and you’ll still be happy with the flavours and textures.

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Mushroom and chickpea mini-burgers tips

The first step to burger greatness is making sure your buns are toasted and you can do that just before serving. The next, is to give those patties some high heat for a beautiful crust which you can still get with these high-protein chickpea and mushroom burgers. If you’re vegetarian or completely vegan, replace the egg with the aguafaba from the chickpea can to bind the patties and just leave out the crème fraiche. You can play around with the additions and serve your sliders with some sweet potato fries and onion rings.

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When you want some tasty sliders for your friends coming over, try these mushroom and chickpea mini-burgers with flavoured crème fraiche.

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