‘I miss your video calls’: Lynn Forbes’ letter to AKA [watch]

Lynn Forbes penned a heartfelt letter to her son, AKA, saying she missed his video calls.

2023 had been a tough year for the Forbes family, and Lynn Forbes had been mourning.

Of all the family members, Lynn was always open about how painful she felt.

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She never tried to hide her pain and even struggled to celebrate Christmas without her son.

With all the special memories that are shared, Lynnnow missed something special.

She is now thinking about how much they did their video calls, and they seemed to have been great.

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Unfortunately, there are no more AKA video calls, and Lynn had been feeling the gap.

Sharing on her Instagram, Lynn Forbes expressed how hurt and heartbroken she was.

“I miss your video calls 💔”

Lynn Forbes AKA video calls
Lynn Forbes and DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram @lynnforbesza


Besides their video calls, Lynn and her son, AKA, shared many great memories, such as dancing.

More often than not, AKA would return home to spend time with his parents.

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If he were much busier with his work, he would always call her mother, and they would do the video calls.

Indeed, AKA, he was so close to his mother so much that they always kept in touch.


After Lynn Forbes expressed how much she had missed her son, AKA, many fans felt for her.

Innocentia Skosana | Mom.Wellness.Lifestyle “Still can’t believe ..may God give you strength ❤️”

ntombi2028 “I don’t know I am failing to accept reality it hurts it hurts 💔”

Mpho Mofoka “Gone But Never Forqotten 🕊️💔 .. AKAFOREVER ❤️ !”

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Amira Brown “Pains me that we’ve lost such an amazing artist and human being. Thinking of you Lynn 😢 as a mom of boy’s my heart breaks for you daily 😢 #JusticeforAKA”

sharon maimela “Oh mommy😢❤️❤️ sending you hugs 🫂🫂”

Keneiloe Kganare Myoli “We’ve really been robbed 💔😭 so sorry Mama”

Mafonti Fofster Morobi “We were listening to him last night my daughter and I. We love and miss him every day😢 It doesnt help that her dad looks and reminds us of the Mega❤️😍😢🙌”