Gambia: Barrow Prepares to Inaugurate UTG Faraba Campus Phase 1

President Adama Barrow has declared that his government was preparing to finally inaugurate the phase one project of University of The Gambia at Faraba Banta Campus.

This would follow the launch of the second phase of the project to further the infrastructural development of the University.

According to the president, the University is a complete revolution with a complete change, adding that they are targeting to finish the first project phase by the end of the year.

Mr. Barrow revealed that they have already secured all the funding with their partners for the second phase. “We are now finishing the final home, a permanent home for the university that we call the University of The Gambia,” he stated.

President Barrow was recently speaking at the University permanent site at Faraba Banta as part of his project site visit in the ongoing Meet the People’s Tour.

The nationwide tour was also aimed at meeting with the people to get first-hand information regarding their challenges and concerns in all regions to enable government to effectively look into them.

After briefly inspecting the UTG project, President Barrow revealed to journalists that when he came into office in 2017, the UTG project was at 1% when he took over, adding that there were a lot of complications and technical errors, but his government and the former Minister of Works, Bai Lamin Jobe put their shoulders to the wheel to resolve all the technical problems that were affecting the project.

“It is a very important institution and the infrastructural development is key, it creates the conducive environment for both lecturers and students and this is the permanent home for the University of The Gambia.”

“We were having space problem, but now we are creating enough space for the students. It is a project that will make a huge difference as far as the University of The Gambia is concerned. Despite all the delay, we are ready to officially inaugurate the University,” he noted.

President Barrow added that he last visited the university over a year ago, but noted that there has been an improvement with huge difference. “The new University is a first class and permanent structures,” he said, adding that the project is part of his government’s NDP policy to ensure they develop higher education in the country.

He thanked the Higher Education Ministry, the consultant, the contractor and his cabinet for a job well done.