Die Antwoord fans recreate entire song using software [Watch]

Die Antwoord fans have recreated a whole song using software, according to a YouTube post. It’s not easy being a producer, and it’s one way fresh talent sharpens their producing skills: practice!

Recreating a song by the note can be difficult.

User Jack Stallion uploads his tutorials to YouTube. New users can learn how to navigate the software by watching the content.


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Here’s more about Die Antwoord, Baby’s on Fire, and FL Studio software.

Die Antwoord fans recreate entire song

A YouTube user called Jack Stallion has recreated an entire song using FL Studio.

Baby’s on Fire is from Die Antwood’s album Ten$ion.

The song shows Ninja being lit on fire. Don’t try this at home: it’s a clever stunt done for the video!

A reference to Baby’s On Fire appears in promotional material for ZEF, the band’s documentary.

What is FL Studio?

FL Studio is part of music production software.

Technically, it’s a Digital Audio Workstation – or DAW.

There are producers using FL Studio, and producers who don’t. Software lets users overlay different effects, notes, and vocals.

It can take years to learn advanced techniques.

Doing it live is an even greater challenge.

It was also known as Fruity Loops.

Die Antwoord: Ten$ion

Ten$ion is a 2012 album by Die Antwoord.

it’s their tenth studio album. This is also their first album as ZEF RECORDS, breaking away from Interscope.

The band claimed Interscope was interfering with their greater vision. Instead of going mainstream, they released the best-selling Ten$ion on their own.

Tracks include I Find U Freeky, which the band later performed on Letterman.

Die Antwoord: EU/UK Tour 2024

Die Antwoord has made a comeback to live performances,.

Right now, they’re busy with their EU/UK Tour (2024), supported by Lil2Hood.

Fans have praied their performances on Reddit and gig review websites.

Die Antwoord Collaborators

Various artists have collaborated on Die Antwoord albums before.

Their collaborators have included: Isaac Mutant (DOOKOOM), Jack Parow, Lil2Hood (Producer), and even Jack Black.

They’ve also released some new material, collaborating with their daughter Sixteen (16) Jones.

Fans expect more songs over the coming weeks.

United States tour dates will be announced in December.

Watch: Baby’s On Fire

Watch below for the recreation of Baby’s on Fire.

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